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Nithin George Eapen, a distinguished luminary in oratory, investment, and entrepreneurial ventures, intricately stitches together a vibrant mosaic of creativity and insight across his multifaceted pursuits.

Gracing the stages of TEDx thrice, Nithin has eloquently unfurled the complexities of Decentralization, NFTs, and Economic Policy. His voice has resonated globally, enlightening over 100 events as a keynote speaker and panelist.

As the founder behind ChanceRiver, a multi-million dollar technology services firm, Nithin's odyssey through life is a journey with remarkable resilience and growth, thriving due to the supportive environment of a family of his spirited spouse and five energetic children.

Traversing a kaleidoscope of professional vistas, from the art of sales to the precision of manufacturing, the realms of software programming, and the intricate dance of investment banking, Nithin's career is a symphony of diverse expertise. His passion for card games leads him to the thrilling path of mastering poker and 56. He is part of the team that won the   24th annual  56 International Championship championship, a testament to his strategic insight.

Nithin's entrepreneurial zeal is more than just his ventures. It extends as a nurturing hand to startups, imparting wisdom and guidance to aspiring founders and shaping the visionaries of tomorrow.

A connoisseur of finance, technology, and strategic card games like poker, 56, bridge, and rummy, Nithin is endlessly intrigued by virtual constructs like money and religion, contemplating their intricate weavings in the tapestry of society.

He dedicates the current chapter of his life to demystifying the enigmatic world of cryptocurrencies. He passionately educates the masses about the ethos of free markets and money, leveraging various platforms to disseminate this profound knowledge.

Demystifying DeFi: Why you need new paradigms for financial services | Nithin Eapen | TEDxHartford
TEDx Talks

Demystifying DeFi: Why you need new paradigms for financial services | Nithin Eapen | TEDxHartford