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The case for use of Bitcoin at State level opposing federal tyranny in the aftermath of devastating

Human beings are meant to be free and they collaborate and trade as part of their freedom and that is how prosperity for the mass is achieved. Governments, be it dictators, monarchs or democratically elected career politician representatives who have not done any productive work in their lives and their agents(bureaucrats) try to put humans in chains as part of the power they have. Sometimes they believe they are doing the right thing by putting us in chains. They believe only they in their wisdom can take the right decision with our lives.

Their power lies in the control of money printing and control over weapons production. This has continued forever, ever since the history of mankind has been written. 

Despite all these restrictions, we the people have been ingenious to get things done. We created the internet and world wide web and TORs and VPNs to transmit information when governments suppress information. Now we have created decentralized money with Bitcoin and the other cryptos that allow us to transfer value over the wire without the need of middlemen. Middlemen in money remittance is the bank who is nothing but a government agent in between to censor us whenever the government wants to. Now we have 3D printers and gun models online that allow us to have the power of weapon production from home without a serial number and registration at a government agency. We are moving towards true freedom at an unprecedented pace.

Politically, every ruler wants a large kingdom. More lands meant more power to old generation kings. Land and farming meant more wealth to large nation states. They plundered and annexed neighboring lands. Even though more lands or large kingdoms do not mean prosperity anymore as we are not agrarian economies anymore, the kings and their sociobiology still think so. It is already etched in their genes. Just like we are afraid of snakes despite the fact that no one we know died of snake bites but we are not afraid of bathrooms. Statistically more of us will fall and hurt ourselves in bathrooms. But for centuries or millennia our forefathers have fought snakes and tigers and hence we still are automatically scared of seeing one. It is etched in our socio-biology or in our gene memory despite the fact we were never attacked in our lifetime by one.

Administratively, this power or control over the people is implemented and executed by central agents at the state level which is another set of politicians. With multiple political parties they do not agree with each other even if their goal is power and maintaining power by looting the people or the common man via taxation. Usually, the central or federal power wants more as they hold money printing and weapons production. In the earlier days of a country’s formation, the state level winning party folks are from the same group as central power and the federal government politicians keep little brother at bay by party level diktats and with some carrots that are thrown at them from the taxation kitty. But as little brother's power hunger grows they cannot be kept at bay like that and they form their own political outfits to gain a greater share of the wealth in the name of power to people or central neglect.

As the winners in few states are not in the same party as the center this push-pull relationship gets more complex. Central governments try to get things done in the name of patriotism and by the call of duty to the motherland.

Kerala, a state in India has had devastating once in ten lifetimes kind of floods which has ravaged the whole state. Damages are estimated at 19,000 Crores Indian Rupees or 3 Billion USD. The central or federal government has promised 500 Crores which is a paltry 3% of damages, which is fine but the issue is they do collect way more than that of taxes from the people of Kerala. It makes sense from big brother’s relationship to little brother who is totally from an opposing party and big brother is trying hard with all the money power they hold to get inroads into the state without success from the time of inception at any levels. They obviously want to protect their best interests even in the midst of tragedy. Totally understandable from a political game play.

There is a new issue that has come into the forefront because Kerala has a massive emigrant and immigrant population spanning from middle east nations to Europe to the USA. The diaspora and they friends want to help by sending money. They have contributed over decades to the growth of these countries. An example is Emir of UAE wanted to donate 900 Crores to Kerala but the central government has rejected these funds in the name of a policy that does not allow to take alms. That decison is fine too but then the question arises can and will the federal government send that required money? If the answer is no, then how can they stop this morally. They can stop this because they control money production and banking. They make it illegal to do so. 

No power, even if we elected them, has the moral right to reject money that is offered to its people because they can make it illegal. I could understand this logic if as a country we do not take money from outside at all, but looks like we do take money as loans to build high-speed trains and desalination plants and various other things from different countries and agencies. We collect private and public money from all over the world to build infrastructure.

Now, this is where the State has to decide to produce it owns money or use decentralized money like bitcoin or Ethereum and collect the funds. It should break the chains on itself and its people from the federal government by allowing merchants to accept bitcoin. We have a solution at last that allows us to accept the money that is offered to us without the central government and central bank consent. Are they going to put the whole of Kerala in jail if we start accepting bitcoin? Central governments could not stop uber and airbnb when the will of the people were with them.

Bitcoin is banned in India from the federal level. They have kept the wealth and this technology away from 1.2 billion people to keep them in chains. The intellectual destruction is beyond comprehension as the world be it the US, Europe(eastern and western), China, Korea, Japan, Singapore all have accelerated growth projects with the new paradigm but India and its techies and its people have been left behind.

There are two types of beliefs. Either you believe you do not know what is good for you and you need big brother dictating what you need and you be his slave forever or you believe that you know what is best for you and your family and you cooperate and collaborate with fellow human beings to trade and achieve prosperity. You might make many mistakes on the way but you correct quickly and move forward. Right now it was people cooperation of people from various religions, caste, and creed that helped each other and not big brother.

The process is easy. The state government only needs the willpower to get it done. All it has to decide is give the power and prosperity to its people. Allow merchants and service providers to use cryptocurrencies. Collect donations in bitcoin or any other crypto from UAE. Let the rebuilding process move forward.

This is the chance for Kerala and its people to Seize the opportunity. Long live power and freedom to the people. May Kerala be free, may Kerala be prosperous. Let Kerala rebuild.

Whatever Kerala does, let it be quick. Make the mark and leave a trail so that generations in the future will remember what was done today in the time of crisis.

Personally I do not know whether UAE offered funds and it did and India rejected it. Even if this offer is not there and people are raisng money via gofundme campaigns we lose 10% as middleman fees. Even then it is worth sending cryptos which happens instantaenously and merchants accepting crpytos will be a better solution. 10% of 19,000 crores is a lot of money folks if there are middlemen involved in transferring this much money at some point.

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